We provide support to educators to help them center the voices of those who have been marginalized in their school systems.

We provide history, framing, power analysis, identity development, empathetic motivation, and community accountability in the context of our educational system. This work is provided in the following ways:


RE-Center Consulting focuses on serving nonprofits, business, and philanthropy

RE-Center provides consulting and training services to organizations that seek to create a positive and inclusive working environment, engage productively with their communities, provide effective services to their diverse customers, and help move society forward toward racial equity and justice.

Our comprehensive approach will include assessment of the organization's current culture and climate as it relates to race and other "isms", training that will assist the organization to identify each individual's role in the development of the organization's culture, the creation of an "equity team" to plan out an organizational long-term program, and support and training for the actions of the equity team.

Other solutions and supports may look different, depending on the needs of the client, but most will include the basic elements depicted above.

Youth leadership and development

RE-Center provides workshops for youth around issues of race and equity. Historically, we have worked with ages Kindergarten thru 12th grade as well as worked with students in higher education. We center youth voice and also provide critically conscious youth development.

Partnerships with school systems

We work with district Superintendents, their teams and communities to co-create and sustain equitable education throughout the entire school system.

Partnerships with individual schools or youth-serving organizations:

RE-Center works with individual schools or youth-serving organizations to set long-term goals and create action plans to achieve them.

Partnerships with other organizations

Organizations seeking to make systemic change through education can work with RE-Center to develop an equity-informed educational program.

General enrollment workshops

They are open to educators, parents, and others seeking to move forward in their journeys of equity. Our General Enrollment workshops are offered to the public.