We know that racism exists on four levels - internal, interpersonal, institutional and ideological. It is insidious and harms individuals, institutions and society at large. RE-Center is focusing on four sectors in society where racism has harmed the ability of these industries to function at their peak levels and limited their abilities to contribute to society.

Based on 30 years of strong and powerful work and a successful re-brand, RE-Center is known for powerful facilitation, serious commitment to racial equity, and a commitment to outcomes.

We are a people-first organization that works in partnership with and centers the experience of those who hold marginalized or oppressed identities. We value the narratives and lived experiences of our staff, students, educators, and communities. We’re also in consultation with national and emerging best practices in the field of anti-racism, educational equity, and anti-oppression work.

Most importantly, our clients and our evaluation outcomes tell us our work makes a difference.

Our Mission

RE-Center activates youth and adults to drive transformative change towards racially just schools and communities.

Our Vision

  • We envision an equitable and just world where all youth have what they need to grow and thrive.

  • We envision empowered students supported by conscious, critically thinking adults and supportive and safe schools and communities.

  • We work towards a world in which equity is institutionalized in all school systems.

Values Statement

At RE-Center we advance justice by shifting systems & influencing policies, practices, and beliefs to cultivate the liberation, freedom, health, & well-being of Black & Brown people. We prioritize relationships that redistribute power, both identity-based & positional, & we foster opportunities for folx to be their full & whole selves. We practice love—the love of Black & Brown children, rejoicing in their sovereign humanity. We practice love of self, because feeling too small or too big has no place in justice work. We practice love so we may be curious, move from possibility, and have boundless imagination. We uphold spaces, places, & climates that honor the brilliance & joy of Black & Brown people & all historically excluded folx. We strive for community—locally & beyond—where we, as a non-profit organization, disavow white saviorship, hoarding resources, and living histories of colonization. We seek accountability—intentionally bearing the responsibility to serve the community, be in community, and hold space with community, as an embodied value that requires time and nourishment.