RE-Center Service Offerings

RE-Center works in partnership with schools, districts, and organizations to operationalize a commitment to equity and racial justice in mindset, policy, and practice. RE-Center’s partnership offerings include services in the following areas: 

Professional Development for Educators

RE-Center supports educational communities in staff capacity building through ongoing training that is embedded within the existing contexts of instructional priorities, commitments, and the district’s mission. 

Sample topics include:

  • How who you are impacts how you teach / lead 
  • Developing a critical consciousness 
  • Restorative Practices + Racial Justice 
  • Impact versus Intent: Reframing our understandings of harm 
  • Cultivating culturally responsive-sustaining practices in the classroom & beyond 
  • Anti-bias, anti-racist practices. 

Equity and Racial Justice Workshops + Training Series

RE-Center provides professional learning to various stakeholder groups to further their racial equity lens and analysis. The approach is based on shifting mindsets in order for participants to understand where they are situated in term of historical and contemporary oppression, how their identities align or intersect with those of the communities they serve, and how their ideas, relationships, and practices are informed by their positionality. 

Sample topics include: 

  • The impact of race, power and privilege on our workplace climate 
  • Fostering an anti-bias workplace climate  
  • Impact versus Intent: Reframing our understandings of harm 
  • Pushing beyond performative activism. 


RE-Center offers various coaching and consultative frameworks for those in leadership positions. Sample topics include:

  • How does who you are impact how you lead
  • Which practices advance equity and racial justice? Which undermine your commitments? 
  • How can you embody what you have learned about equity and racial justice? 
  • How do you measure your impact?

Technical Assistance

RE-Center offers a collaborative and coordinated approach to schools, districts, and organizations in embodying a commitment to equity and racial justice. Aspects include:

  • Data analysis with a focus on disparities for historically excluded groups by race, gender, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic status, religion, etc. 
  • Creation and analysis of a climate survey 
  • Curriculum review and development 
  • Staff capacity building through professional development 
  •  Leadership coaching 
  • Policy and practice review. 

District and School-Building Equity Committees

  • RE-Center supports schools and districts in convening stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to generate possibilities for cultivating equity and racial justice. 
  • Members can and should include: students, Board members, district and school leaders, educators, staff, families, and community members. 

Organization Equity Committees

  • RE-Center supports organizations in convening stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to generate possibilities for fostering equity and racial justice. 
  • Members can and should include: Board members, leadership, employees from all levels, and members from the community being served.

Youth Equity Squads

RE-Center supports partners in establishing authentic forums to engage young people in anti-bias, anti-racist dialogue in furtherance of transforming their schools into more equitable and inclusive spaces. 

Young people engage in their own capacity-building around equity and racial justice. Examples include: ○ Co-authoring equity polices and anti-racism resolutions 

  • Conducting curriculum audits and designing units on topics of their interests 
  • Engaging faculty, staff, and school board members in teach-ins, talk backs, and more. 

Note: RE-Center works with youth as a part of our partnerships with schools and districts. We see youth as essential in these efforts and more. 

Supporting Parent & Family Advocacy for Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education (CRSE)

RE-Center supports partners in developing a strategic plan to leverage parents and families as partners in operationalizing equity and racial justice. 

This strategic plan may include engagement through:

  • Creation of forums, such as town halls or listening sessions, for families to share their lived experiences as school community members 
  • Workshops on CRSE and technical, academic, social emotional, sociopolitical, and policy related topics at a variety of times of day to accommodate all schedules 
  • Events like student/parent book clubs, equity study groups, monthly family activities in the classroom, and academic nights that bridge the home-school connection.