Hello, and welcome to our blog, RE·Imagine!

Hello, and welcome to our blog, RE·Imagine!

RE·Center Race & Equity in Education’s blog is a place to dream of collective liberation. Here at RE·Center, we are committed to building an equitable and just world where everyone has what they need to grow and thrive. We work in partnership with youth, families, schools, and communities to facilitate nurturing spaces where people can understand and challenge systemic racism and oppression. In all our programs, we practice critical questioning, cultivate connection, and inspire action.

At RE·Center, we believe that human-centered anti-racism and anti-oppression is possible. We want to imagine that future with you. This blog is a space for us to connect with our community while taking steps toward anti-racism and anti-oppression together.

“People are aware that they cannot continue in the same old way but are immobilized because they cannot imagine an alternative.” 

– Grace Lee Boggs


Our hope is that RE·Imagine can be a place to continue these ideals, and more. A place to explore, learn and talk about all of the things that we can’t normally fit into a training, or a workshop. It’s a place to celebrate our partners, community members and those working alongside us, and a place to dive deeper into the conversations, topics, and solutions to these inequities already existing in our schools.

This blog will act as a platform to imagine what schools would be like if students weren’t disciplined at a disproportionate rate, or if schools were all gender inclusive, or every student learned about their history in their classes. When we say “we’re building an equitable and just world where everyone has what they need to grow and thrive” we want to explore what that could like. Social imagination (or imagining the future) is important because just like an architect, social change agents need a blueprint to build a better future for us all.

We’ll be posting every other Wednesday, in hopes to start conversations. Our hope is that these posts can spark ideas and conversations, as well as inspire other ideas for us to explore and write about in the future. We can’t build an equitable and just world, without you.

Thanks for Reading!

In Community,

Amaryst, Rinne & your friends at RE·Center