Ann Augustine (she/her)
Racial Justice Strategist & Researcher (Consultant)

Ann is committed to a world with social, economic and environmental justice.  She believes that real, lasting change will require personal and systemic change.  As a South Asian/White, cis-gender, transracial adoptee, Ann has firsthand experience with some of the complexities and nuances of privilege, racism, ableism and classism. Ann has practiced mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for over 30 years and believes that working with the body is key to change. 

Ann is a licensed psychotherapist in practice for over 25 years (NYT Letter, Oct 2022).  In addition, she holds a Masters in Public Policy from Rutgers University with experience in non-profit administration, including various supervisory and management roles.  Ann is an experienced facilitator and has taught both policy and practice courses as an Adjunct Professor at Smith School for Social Work.  Ann has been a Nonviolent Communication Practitioner since 2002. 

Ann lives in Western Massachusetts and loves going for walks at a nearby river with her two dogs Kabi and Finn.  For more information about Ann, please visit her website: