Abigail Mariam (she/her)
Racial Justice Strategist & Coach (Consultant)

Abigail Mariam is a researcher, storyteller, and community educator committed to finding new and effective ways of supporting children, educators, and their communities in their learning. She uses qualitative and other research methods to delve deeply into the experiences of community members and to elevate their valuable voices in policy conversations for solutions to challenges in education.
Through a range of written media, from academic publications to collections of poetry, Abigail amplifies the stories of innovative educators and powerful community interventions to uplift learners of all ages.
Over the course of her career, Abigail has worked as a community educator for youth and adults in the Boston area and in New Haven, through youth summer enrichment programs, free courses on Black history and activism, and workshops on healing and creative arts. She also taught courses on race, gender and sexuality, student leadership, and conflict and justice to undergraduate students as a graduate student in her doctoral program.

In 2023, Abigail received her Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Policy from Harvard, having completed her dissertation The Worldbuilders: Pedagogy, Practice, and Politics in Black Power-era Independent Schools. Through analyzing historical archival documents and interviews with former teachers and students, she identified how some Black Power activists developed the pedagogies of the community schools they founded and the extent to which their political ideologies influenced and were influenced by those pedagogies.