Andréa Hawkins
Interim Executive Director

Changemaker, creative problem solver and collaborator, Andréa Hawkins approaches leadership with a unique blend of emotional intelligence and strategic consulting that helps organizations turn chaos into order.

As an internal consultant, Andréa has helped many organizations pivot to new realities. With experience in Financial Services and Healthcare leading teams in Operations, Technology, Communications and Finance, she quickly adapts to changing landscapes, leading teams through strategic planning and transformational culture change.

Encouraged by her commitment to increase an organization’s agility, Andréa is bringing her consultative approach and experience to mid-sized growth companies to help them advance, scale and transform. With her assistance and encouragement, many team leaders have achieved their desired outcomes by making slight adjustments in their mindset and behaviors.

Understanding the importance of giving back, Andréa is actively engaged in and committed to her community. She has served the YWCA Hartford Region and currently chairs the Human Resource Leadership Forum (HRLF) Leadership Team’s Membership committee. Andréa is President of the Board of Trustees for The Amistad Center for Art and Culture (TAC), where she has been a volunteer for more than 23 years.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, Andréa and her husband Doug own two cafés in the Greater Hartford area.