Consultant Training Institute (CTI)


The Consultant Training Institute (CTI) is a four day two to three-hour commitment that provides a communal learning atmosphere for skilled and new facilitators to receive training in the foundational content and philosophies at RE•Center Race & Equity in Education. The CTI offers facilitators the environment and opportunity to continue their personal growth through activities that deepen their facilitation ‘toolkit’ and racial equity lens. This work is provided in the following ways:


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Adult, Youth, and Consulting

Re•Center provides workshops for both adults and youth around issues of race and equity. Our youth work encompasses ages Kindergarten thru 12th grade as well as young adults in Higher Education. Our Adult work focuses on educators, parents, and others who are looking to build their equity lens.

Introduction to RE-Center’s Frameworks

Develop a deep understanding of the programmatic frameworks that guide and inform RE-Center’s Adult and Youth work. Our framework is predicated by Bell Hook’s concept of education as a practice of freedom and emphasizes that we educate, we agitate, and we organize. 

Training on Re-Center’s General Enrollment Workshops

Experience hands-on training for RE•Center’s Intro to Embedding Equity series, designed for educators, administrators, youth, parents/ families, and community members to provide an overview and introduction to the core components of our approach to educational equity:  the Equity in Practice Guidelines and the 5 Shifts to Co-Create Equity.

Communal Learning Environment

The CTI is based on a small cohort model that emphasizes building knowledge through teaching approaches that reflect the spectrum of learning styles and honors community knowledge building.

Facilitator Toolkit Generation

New and experienced facilitators will have the opportunity to learn and practice hard skills in an encouraging environment that supports nurturing sensitive conversations in a variety of contexts.