Sean Mosley
(he, him, his)

Board Member

Sean Mosley has dedicated his entire professional career to increasing educational opportunities for youth and underserved communities within the Connecticut area. He currently has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Howard University, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and an Advanced Certificate in Educational Administration from Sacred Heart University, and is in the process of completing my Juris Doctorate with a Certificate in Law and Public Policy from the University Of Connecticut School Of Law.

Sean recently joined the board in May of 2019, after attending one of RE·Center’s workshops at the NEA Minority Women’s Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA, this past winter. He believes that in a time of such overt racism, marginalization, and institutionalized discriminatory practices- it’s important to have resources, tools and organizations willing to do equity work. 

In addition to being on the board, Sean is also an English teacher, and chair of his department at Crosby High school in Waterbury. When he isn’t teaching, he enjoys reading, concerts and being with family and his community. “I am ‘ride or die’ for my community. My community has provided me with bountiful blessings, so I will spend the rest of my life giving back in return”.