Joelle Murchison 
(she, her, hers)

Board Chair

Joelle currently serves as the Executive Director for Lawyers Collective for Diversity and is an Adjunct Faculty member in the UConn Hartford School of Business Management Department. Preceding this role, she was the inaugural Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for UConn and established its first dedicated Office for Diversity and Inclusion. Joelle combines her passion and interests in education, inclusion, policy and communications to lead the ExecMommyGroup, an inclusion, communication, leadership and coaching firm. At her core, Joelle is passionate about encouraging people to reach their highest potential and creating space to open dialogue to enhance inclusion and understanding.

Equity and access for underrepresented groups has been a thread throughout Joelle’s career, whether in higher education, corporate America or the nonprofit sector. After learning about RE·Center’s focus on eradicating racism in the K-12 educational system, Joelle was confident that this organization would be the perfect fit.

“RE·Center’s work is important because it will take each one of us – one conversation at a time– to begin to chip away at centuries of oppression and systemic racism. It’s my hope that a start within the public educational system will create an intentional shift over time.”

When Joelle isn’t working, she enjoys being silly with her four children, dancing (including Zumba), cooking and enjoying time with dear friends.

“I am a multidimensional person who is fiercely loyal, passionate and committed to those persons and issues that are very important to me,” she says. “I don’t give up easily – when I’m in, I’m in!”