Jeannine King
Racial Justice Strategist & Coach (Consultant)

Jeannine (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Austin, TX and will ALWAYS call it home. She moved to New York in 2000 and has been working as an educator since. She has worked in district public, public charter and independent schools over that time as a classroom teacher and leader. In 2004, Jeannine discovered her passion for supporting students with disabilities so she entered and completed a Master’s Degree program for Special Education at Long Island College University in Brooklyn. 

Jeannine believes that everyone has multiple identities that they negotiate daily. She identifies as a Black cis-hetero, Southern, nondisabled woman who has raised a creative, trans, Black young man who is 20 years old. She is also the wife of a Brooklyn, born and raised, cis-hetero Black man who eats, sleeps and breathes Hip-Hop. Jeannine feels like it is important to share all those parts of who she is so that there is context for her lens as she does the work. She doesn’t want to parade her family around like “Look at me and all the ways I interact with identity!”, but  rather “Understand my past, present and future in order to understand who you see in front of you, right now, and know that I feel powerful enough to jump across time and space in order to authentically create freedom for myself, which enables me to create freedom for everyone.” 

Jeannine has always seen education as a pathway to liberation and continues to believe that to be true. For her, education is NOT limited to a brick and mortar building, degrees or certifications. She wants to give more time and opportunity to building community and collective space to educate people in ways that make sense and resonate with their experience. 

During her free time, Jeannine enjoys cooking, traveling and/or binge-watching her favorite TV shows. As mentioned before, Jeannine is a proud mother and wife. Her family helps her to stay current culturally relevant and imbue her with creative energy and love that sustains her daily. She’s also the “dog-mama” of a crazy Boston Terrier named Spike.