Yvette Houlihan (she/her/hers)
Finance & Operations Strategist

Yvette brings a long list of experience with finance and operations to RE-Center. Spending years in the corporate world, she believes her move to the non-profit sector was one of the best decisions of her career. It is a dream come true for her to be able to use a love of math and spreadsheets to support those on the ground doing the good work. Building relationships is where Yvette excels. She believes if we can all connect on the human level first, then we can work from a place of mutual understanding and cooperation. She considers it a great honor to support the people doing anti-racism work and has landed her dream job at RE-Center.

Yvette has recently returned to her beloved state of New Jersey after raising her children on an offshore island in Maine. Ask her about this, she loves to talk about Maine! When not working on spreadsheets, you can find her singing for local groups, hiking, kayaking, and reading.