Racial Justice Strategist & Coach

As a conscientious objector, ANYANWU comes from an upbringing of resilience through looking inward and outward, critically thinking and consciously engaging communities and organizations that can inspire transformative change.  She's informed by the authority of a familial immigrant history, the legacy of Black Liberatory Movements, and her sustained engagement with young people. Through layers of nomadic journeys while living in Jamaica, Europe and across the country she learned how growing up with her dark skin and gender non-conforming being while leading with an open heart was like operating a walking trigger and target all at once. Finding safety on a path of scholarship in the Pan African Diaspora and in Education she gave most of her attention to Elders and Teachers she could learn from. From the Block, to the COGIC community and the organizers of Marin City and Oakland California the strength in her has been nurtured to challenge systems as the most integral leader she can be. In 2012, she survived a nearly fatal experience of Gun Violence and a responsive action of justice during her healing journey has only furthered her commitment to community organizing, action work, Entrepreneurship,  K-12 Education Justice, Youth development, and School Reform. 

She has been developing a trauma-intervention practice in her work nurtured through healing modalities such as Doula Support and Medicinal work.  Her commitment is to curate visions of building a crossroad between lived experiences, critical research and emotional connection to create spaces for human beings to resist oppression and take collective action has been highlighted in the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times and the Los Angeles Times; Featured on Forbes, and within the NYC Dept. of Youth & Community Development and the Department of Education.