Chas Rodriguez (she/all)
Racial Justice Strategist & Coach (Consultant)

Chas Rodriguez MEd, LMFT, EMP, PC, CME The first two sets of ‘letters’ after their name indicate to most people that Chas is an educator and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The rest of the ‘alphabet soup’ often needs some explaining: EMP, Energy Medicine Practitioner, is someone who works with the energy present in all of us humans being to optimize physical and mental health. A PC, Pastoral Counselor, is a mental health professional that provides psychological therapy and spiritual guidance to individuals experiencing distress because of religious beliefs or issues with their faith. And CME, Certified Mindful Educator, is a person trained to teach others how to use mindfulness in their daily life. Chas’ education and experience combine to create a skilled and compassionate listener and facilitator of space where people feel safe to discover and explore their current unconscious beliefs and practices and to curate new conscious connections within themselves and with others.