Suri Seymour
Director of Adult Learning

Suri is an educator and skilled racial equity and inclusion program manager, developer, and facilitator. She has experience working in higher education, the non-profit sector and within the criminal justice system. As a Program Director with RE·Center, she supports the organization to align our vision with our work and how we do it.

Suri is excited to join the RE·Center team because it was through her relationship with the organization that she was able to lean into the idea of being tougher on systems and softer on people as one way to interrogate the multi-headed hydra of white supremacy.

As a queer, cis, white woman who is committed to the daily practice of anti-racism by continuously learning how to show up whole in the communities of which she is a part and in those she enters. She does this work for herself and with others by a commitment to ongoing reflection, critical questioning, accountability, and the shifting of behaviors.

For fun, Suri loves to cook AND eat, go to the movies by herself, travel whenever possible, and be in loving community having adventures.