Ramona Reynolds
Office Assistant Manager

Ramona has lived most of her life in Hartford, CT where she was raised by Jamaican born parents. In her junior year of high school, she moved to Florida. Upon her arrival, the high school was experiencing extreme racial and cultural segregation. Amidst the riots on campus, Ramona decided that she wanted to be a part of change in how people were held accountable, showed up, and created spaces to heal. Her experiences shaped her understanding of her racial and ethnic identities.

Ramona has a diversity of professional experience. One of the most rewarding positions she’s held thus far is working in Hospice Care for the Metropolitan Jewish Home Care in New York City providing end of life support for patients and their families. Ramona took pleasure in nurturing someone’s soul before they leave their life on Earth. Ramona has more professional licenses than she can count! What connects all her skill sets is how she applies them through a culture of humility.  Ramona functions from a place where she sees people in their full humanity—she honors lived experience over stereotypes and systems of oppression that separate us.

When Ramona is not volunteering, she loves doing new things with her daughter and seeing the world through the innocence of a child. She loves road trips, nature walks, food from different cultures, and spending time with her loved ones!