Christopher Richard
Talent & Training Manager

Chris is an educator, writer, advocate, and
coach with a passion for holistic wellness.They began their career in higher education, focusing on counseling and student development, with anemphasison supporting first-generation students of color as they enter and navigate the academy.Before coming to RE-Center Chris was an Academic Advisor at Salem State University, where they specialized on providing general advising for undergraduate students, along with spearheading the process of readmission to the institution. Prior to moving to Salem Massachusetts, Chris served as a Residence Director at Westfield State University and Central Connecticut State Universityassisting students towards building equitable and just campus communities that prioritized social justice and individual development.

They were inspired to join the RE·Center team due to a passion for creating and supporting academic systems that function as not onlyinclusive environments, but spaces that can meet the needs and honor the lived experience of allstudents.In their spare time Chris likes to write poetry, paint, build Gunpla, and spend quality time with their two cats and their loved ones. Chris takes the words of James Baldwin to heart, believing that “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced, and uses these words as motivation for the for the critical social-justice work that remains to be done within communities.