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What People Are Saying…

“For the students: I love them learning about overall acceptance of others and working as a team. For teachers: I love working with the Discovery team! I have used the lessons as beginning of the year activities in my class.” - Kelly Carroll, Forbes Elementary School

“This was an excellent presentation for our school. It should be presented to ALL students and ALL parents!” –Briana Bernabucci, Hartford teacher regarding a teacher workshop

“The Swamp Activity really made students work as a group. The whole group had to communicate and use different strategies. All groups had a great time and the kids really seemed to enjoy the workshop.” – Sara Zampaglione, Vogel-Wetmore Elementary School

“The culture game was my favorite activity. I was impressed with how quickly each culture learned its characteristics and that the students’ ability to notice things about the other culture was amazing.” –Teacher, Torrinford Elementary School

“It was a FUN day, and the students learned a lot about treating each other (being polite, working together, and respecting each other and their differences).” –Teacher, Torringford Elementary School

“The Leadership Skills and Team Building Activities were well received by teachers and kids alike. I loved seeing the students interact, laughing and sharing. I know the two remaining teachers are looking forward to their workshop on Friday.” - Kathleen Murphy, Principal of Hopewell Elementary

“The workshops have been extremely valuable. It is helpful to see fellow employees in a new way and to experience camaraderie if only for a short time. The lessons are very useful for everyday life as well. Thank you!” –Participant in workplace Leadership Workshop.

“I hope this is the beginning of something more to come. It was great to be able to observe our students in a different light. It’s important to strive to form a community of leaders…to learn, discover, rely on, support, and appreciate the human spirit of everyone.” – Jan Panaos, Smith Middle School

“This was a very valuable experience for our students. The program helped them realize that they have more in common with each other than they may realize, and it also helped them respect their differences. Thank you!” –Emily Russell, Smith Middle School

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