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About Us

RE•Center is a nonprofit, diversity education program founded by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

RE•Center builds its program to nurture a generation of future leaders in a diverse world.

Program Steps

  • RE•Center creates partnerships between CT schools, one inner-city school is paired with one suburban school

  • RE•Center staff continually works to develop sister school relationships through the cooperation of superintendents, principals, and teachers from both schools

  • RE•Center hosts students from both schools at Camp Woodstock

  • Students embark on a 3 year endeavor where they develop and nurture new friendships with students from communities that are different from their own

  • Students participate in the program during their 4th, 5th, and 6th grades as follows:

    • 4th Grade Experience- students attend a 1 day fieldtrip to RE•Center with peers. During this trip the students meet the children from their sister school for the first time. They participate in Team Building activities, tour camp facilities, and are introduced to the concept of diversity through cultural exposure.

    • 5th Grade Experience- students return to the RE•Center, with the same children they met in the 4th grade, for a 5 day residential experience. Students develop their relationships by participating in Team Building, Diversity, and Academic activities. Students live, work, and play together while learning to appreciate their differences and similarities.

    • 6th Grade Experience- students return to the RE•Center for the last time for a 3 day residential experience. The focus of this trip is to review their experiences together, explore what they have learned about each other, and recommit to working as a team.